Summary of responses to survey of members conducted July 2020
The survey’s aims were to contact all members to ask for their views and suggestions to inform the planning of a future lecture programme during this period of Coronavirus restrictions. In addition, we used the calls to keep in touch with our members and provide information.

Of a membership totalling 184, 129 response forms were completed (70%)

Q1 Did you view the Bayeux lecture?                        Yes     47                   No   82
Comments: Some members (5) forgot and regretted missing the lecture. At least 7 members have no device to view lectures and a further 10 said that they did not feel confident with the Internet or Zoom.

Q2 Experience Ratings
Comments: Members who watched on You Tube preferred this to Zoom as reception was variable. The content of the lecture was enjoyed by almost all but there were negative comments about the noisy introduction and chaotic ending...there needs to be some ‘muting’ control.  

Q3 Would you attend further digital Lectures?        
Comments: Many members missed the pleasure of meeting in Queens Hall and enjoyed both live lectures and the company of others but accepted that digital was the only option at present. 17 members not intending to ‘go digital’ were either without a device, did not wish to use the internet or had sight problems. Concern was expressed about the importance of maintaining the high quality of lecturer’s presentation in the digital format.

Q4 Preferred Time (first choice)        11am (50)     2pm (19)        5pm (22)        evening (4)    Any (19)         No/NA (15)
Comments: Whilst there were some members who saw the benefit of retaining same day same time as Queens Hall lectures there were several who would like to be able to view at any time over a longer period such as NT@home or other TAS offerings.

Q5 Would you attend a virtual AGM?   Yes     63                    No 62          No /NA 4
Comments: Some members felt that this was a necessary chore, others that it was an important part of being a member of the organisation.

Q6 Did you view our ‘Lockdown’ feature?                 Yes     99        No       25        No /NA      5                         
Comments: The high viewing numbers and overall high rating show a very enthusiastic and positive response to this feature. Members have enjoyed the variety of exhibits despite some questioning of their ‘artistic’ merit! There were several requests that they be made available in a Gallery on the website for future viewing and more information about the contributors would be interesting.

General Comments: In general members appreciated being consulted, felt included in the planning process and supported the need for digital lectures. A small number of members would not be able to participate and were prepared to wait until live lectures resumed when it was safe to do so. Although the survey did not specifically mention subscriptions some members said that they would be happy to continue to support ASWW with or without a discount.

Suggestions: Members made a number of helpful and interesting suggestions for future action which will be considered by the TASWW committee’s Special Interest sub group. Technical issues were also raised and will be considered when setting up the digital lectures.