Vegetables. Acrylic 40x40 Tim Arthur
Following the intricacies of the Milford painting I embarked on something simpler.
It would be nice to say that the vegetables were our own produce - but actually they’re from Lidl. I’ve since done grapes, lemons, peppers ....but not bananas.
Locked-down in Milford. Acrylic 60x90 Tim Arthur
I’ve done a “pack shot” from a number of studies, which draws together elements of Milford Docks : industrial maritime, leisure boating, fishing and (off in the distance ) the refinery and power station. The tug is powered and steered by huge propellers in cowls, which swivel through almost 360 degrees rather like outboard motors. This fantastic Victorian dry dock which employs dozens of people is scheduled to be filled in and replaced by a dinghy park.