Heritage Project Report 2020....Conserving and preserving our heritage...

In January 2020 we launched our first Heritage project in partnership with Picton Castle Development Trust. The castle’s octagonal library contains an invaluable store of 17th and 18th century books which we hope to catalogue and conserve as part of our Pembrokeshire heritage.

An enthusiastic group of 18 volunteers stepped forward and undertook the essential conservation training. The Trust arranged for the Society’s expert Library Conservator to deliver the course which gave us great confidence to undertake the tasks ahead:
• The cataloguing and conservation of the books and manuscripts held in the Library and Muniments room.
• The cataloguing and conservation of the Stimpson collection of Victorian toys and games.

The course was held in early March and we commenced work on the 11th but sadly after only a few sessions we were enveloped by the pandemic
restrictions and all work was abandoned.

The Castle is closed to all activity until the end of the year.
However, we remain hopeful that we might be able to recommence in the New Year.

Ann Maria Thomas