The NADFAS Record of Church Furnishings 2014 by the West Wales group commenced in 2012 during the incumbency of the Reverend Sarah Geach.

The church stands defiantly on an outcrop of limestone, quarrying having been carried out almost completely around the church yard. The oldest part of the present church was built in the early 13thcentury. It then consisted of a single chamber with no division between chancel and nave. The south aisle was added later, the original south wall replaced by an arcade of pillars in early gothic style. The battlemented western tower contains one bell and has three storeys, the doorway which once communicated with the nave is now blocked in

Before the church was restored in 1894 it was in a near derelict condition. The restoration has enabled the church to carry on for another century although not without further maintenance and modernisation.

Following the reorganisation of the Deanery in January 2010 Ludchurch became part of the new Benefice comprising the parishes of Begelly, Ludchurch and East Williamston with the Reverend Sarah Geach as Rector. Please click here to go to St. Elidyr Gallery