In the photo l to r: Revd Caroline Mansell (Priest in charge), Revd Shirley Rayner (Associate Priest), Mrs Eve Cornthwaite (Rector’s Warden) holding the book, Mike Howells, (Chairman of the Arts Society West Wales), Ann Maria Thomas, (Group Leader Church Recorders), David Thomas (People’s Warden), Mrs Caroline Speyer, Revd Canon Paul Mackness, (Acting Archdeacon of St. David’s)

  Record of Church Furnishings

The Arts Society of West Wales presented a record of church furnishings to St. Elidyr, Ludchurch, Pembrokeshire at a Patronal Festival Service held on 28th January 2018 attended by a group of Church Recorders and members of our committee.
This is the first record to be completed by this group of Church Recorders and is a detailed inventory of the artefacts and decoration within the church including memorials, metalwork, stonework, woodwork, textiles, library and windows.
The group was founded in 2012 by Paul Speyer, 1936-2015, resident of Ludchurch for 38 years and Church Warden of St. Elidyr and the record is dedicated to his memory.
The thanksgiving service celebrating the life of the church and its patron saint was conducted by the Reverend Caroline Mansell; Priest in charge and the excellent speaker was the Reverend Canon Paul Mackness, Acting Archdeacon of St. David’s
A copy of the St. Elidyr record has also been placed in the National Library Aberystwyth; digital copies have been forwarded to the Victoria and Albert Art Library, the Church Care Library and the Royal Commission on Historical and Ancient Monuments of Wales.