Athens and Rome were two of the most beautiful, powerful and important cities of the ancient world, cities that have framed our modern lives more than any others. Each stood at the centre of its world: Athens the home of democracy, the cradle of the arts, Rome the eternal city, the capital of the world. 

In this talk we explore the art and architecture of these extraordinary cities at the height of their power. We wonder at their  monuments, from Parthenon to Pantheon, from stadium to circus and from theatre to amphitheatre. We admire the products of their craftsmen, from the bronze and marble masterpieces of the Greeks to the fine paintings and mosaics of the Romans, and from the Red figure vases of Athens to the silver cups and cameo glass of Rome.

We also look at the people who helped make these cities great. From slaves, who were the engine of both societies to statesmen such as Pericles, Augustus and Hadrian, and writers such as Euripides and Vergil.



Dr. Paul Roberts

is Head of the Department of Antiquities at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Oxford University.   

Paul has been a lecturer with the Arts Society/NADFAS for two decades, has travelled extensively to societies across the country, and has also lectured on numerous cruises. Like all of us, he enjoys the immediate contact of face to face meetings, but is happy to continue providing online lectures if desired.