Early in the French Revolution, English women of letters visit Paris. Some stay there. Mary Wollstonecraft is there for the execution of Louis XVI. Grace Dalrymple hides the governor of the Tuileries Palace between two mattresses in her own bed, and stays in the bed for four hours while her apartment is searched.

Painted by Gainsborough, her portrait is in the Frick Museum, New York. Fanny Burney, Hannah Moore and Helen Maria Williams are among others and we shall see their portraits by contemporary French artists such as Louis-Leopold Boilly and Jean-Baptiste Lesueur.


Karin Fernald

Karin Fernald is an actor, writer and speaker.  She researches and  creates a spell-binding picture of a character and a historical period; sometimes with  revealing  powerpoint  images, and sometimes with music.  

She has appeared at festivals in England and on tour in Japan, Australia, Europe and at the University of  Cape Town Summer School.