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Portmeirion - A Welsh Italianate Fantasy"

Matthew Williams


September 2018

Up to a Point Pyramids in Britain & Ireland

David Winpenny

October 2018

The Art of Seduction – an enduring theme

Lynne Gibson

November 2018

The Art & Meaning of Maps

Jeremy Black


February 2019

The Guggenheims: A Dynasty of Art Collectors:

Andrew Hopkins

March 2019

The World of Graham Sutherland & John Piper

Valerie Woodgate

April 2019

The Art of the Shell, an object of wonder from the natural world

Anne Haworth

May 2019

"From Impressionism to Blast: The Emergence of Modernism on the Eve of the First World War

Rosamund Bartlett

June 2019



For the cultivation, appreciation and study of the decorative arts