WEST WALES Archive Lectures







The Beauty of Frames

Julia Korner


September 2017

A Galaxy of Starchitects

Clyde Binfield

October 2017

The Art of Collecting Antiques (Study Day)

Dai Evans

October 2017

West Mercia Study Days

The Renaissance into the Reformation - Power Propaganda and the Popes:

Nick Nelson


October 2017

West Mercia Study Days

The Reformation and Counter Reformation Act Art in the Garden of God:

Douglas Skeggs

November 2017

Have You Seen My Hobby Horse?

Anna Hallet

November 2017

"The Rag Trade - A History of Fashion in Art and Art in Fashion"

Adrian Sumner

February 2018

Scandinavian Design in the 20th Century

Deborah Lambert

March 2018

Medieval Paris & London - A Comparison of Style & Splendour

Mark Corby

April 2018

The Art and Culture of fin-de-siècle Viennar

Gavin Plumley

May 2018

Gold of the Gods: Treasures of South America and the Search for El Dorado


Chloe Sayer

June 2018



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