WEST WALES Archive Lectures







Laura Ashley

Anne Sebra

February 2012

The Sun God. Turner, Ruskin,and modern Painters.

Michael Wheeler

March 2012

Men Behaving Badly

John Iddon

April 2012

Posters of the Bells Epoche

Charles Harris

May 2012

Destruction of the Monasteries

Richard Corby

June 2012

The Silk Road from China to the Mediterranean


Alan Bott

September 2012

The World of the Minoans & Mycenaeans

George Hart

October 2012

Signs & Symbols, Shapes & Saints (Study Day)

Imogen Corrigan

October 2012

'Brothers of the Brush' - artist Monks in 15th Century Florence

Sian Walters

November 2012



For the cultivation, appreciation and study of the decorative arts