WEST WALES Archive Lectures







Mirrors of an Age: The English Country House in the 18th Century

Deborah Lambert

October 2007

It will Never Show! Historical Costume for Film & Television

Anna Baruma

November 2007

Stars & Stripes: 19th Century American Art

Marina Vaizey

January 2008

Tea, Opium & Hong Kong: The China Trade 1600 - 1900

Dr Patrick Conner

Feb 2008

The Golden Age of Holland

Shirley Turner

March 2008

Goya & the Turbulence of his Times

Gail Turner

April 2008

Bequest to a Nation - The Davies Sisters

Lindsay Evans

April 2008

Augustus & Gwen John

Linda Smith

May 2008

Ready for Railways: From the Coaching Age to the First Main Line

Geoffrey Tom

June 2008



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